Does First Time Sex Hurt?

First-time sex is always very exciting. But with excitement, there is always an added feeling of anxiousness. A lot of women feel pain for the first time and some do not, so it is not a great issue. This pain can always be cured. In the following post, we have given detailed information on why does first-time sex hurt, and if you still haven’t had sex, then how to avoid it.

Why does first-time sex hurt?

There are many factors due to which first-time sex hurts. Women experience a lot of pain due to your hymen being intact. There are some women who have not done any physical or sports activities due to which the hymen remains intact. While having sex for the first time, some women even tend to bleed. Nothing has to be worried about at all. This is all very regular and common.

In contrary to this, there are some women who have done a lot of physical or sports activities due to which their hymen stretches thus making it less painful or no pain while having first-time sex. But when your hymen breaks, you will bleed a little. Some men have a large-sized penis which is also a major reason for causing pain. The vagina is around 3-7 inches long whereas when erect, the penis size is 5-7 inches long. The penis doesn’t go so easily inside the vagina for the first time.

Another reason for causing pain is penis touching the cervix. When a penis goes deep inside the vagina, it touches the cervix making it uncomfortable for women. If this happens, you should change your sex position. Other reasons could be allergies due to lubricants or condoms, vaginismus or any infection.

First-time sex without causing any pain?

There is no guarantee that you won’t feel any pain while having sex for the first time. But there are some ways in which you can minimize the pain. Firstly you should ask your partner to be encouraging, patient and slow. Without his support, you cannot do this. Ask him to firstly engage in foreplay then gradually start with intercourse. Since it is your first time, you have to make it enjoyable, exciting and one of the most memorable memories of your life. Below are some tips, as to how your first-time sex won’t hurt you:

  1. Talk about sex: You don’t have to be afraid of your partner; you should be expressive and open. After you not only have to share your body but also your soul. In such relationships being quite should not be an option. Let your partner know how you feel if there is anything that makes you uncomfortable, or fear or something, etc. Always having a good discussion makes you feel better.
  2. You have to plan: You just cannot start having sex. You have to make sure that your vagina is lubricated sufficiently; you should have a little foreplay before every sex session that helps you in getting comfortable. Once you get used to it, you won’t have any problems further. First-time sex is not only special but also exciting thus making you have sex amazingly. The vagina should always be lubricated whether naturally or apply some lubricants. Ask your partner to do that so that it makes the moment more intense. Take a steamy shower or nice massage or relax in a Jacuzzi. Manual stimulation, oral sex, touching, and kissing is some amazing parts to play before having sex. Sex has some amazing benefits and so does foreplay. These both will give you a pleasurable experience. Every man and woman is different. You should know about your partner.
  3. Inculcate various positions: While having sex, you must inculcate various positions. Apart from doing the missionary or woman on the top, there are many other positions which you can try. These positions are simple and even painless. Pillow under your butt, spooning, reverse cowgirl, lean on me, reverse missionary, etc are pleasure-giving sex positions and they do not hurt you.
  4. Setting realistic expectations: Many women form a different opinion where first-time sex is concerned, but it is for them to understand that it is not a dreamy fairy tale. You have to expect something which is realistic. Some women make a list of how it will happen, where it will happen, what will be ambiance, what will I wear, etc. It is suggested for them to take it easy and let it happen in the flow.
  5. Take things slowly: Apart from your bodies coming together, you should feel the love. It is not an exercise that has to done and get away with it. Everything should take slowly to get the feel. Ask each other how they want to do it if they have any specific position to be done. Do not rush.
  6. Relax: Many people have issues with the location. Having sex for the first time is always conscious. So people want to have sex in that place where they would feel comfortable and relaxing. Car, kitchen, bedroom etc can be an individual’s preference, ask your counter-part that. It is suggested that having sex in the bedroom would be most preferable. You can add a lot more to the ambiance to make it comfortable. Light, music, flowers, rose petals, scented candles, etc can be added.

Does sex hurt only for the first time?

As mentioned above, first-time sex is hurtful, only when your hymen is intact. After your hymen breaks, it becomes very easy and eventually, it becomes smooth and soft. Your vagina gets used to the penis. You can make use of your fingers to make it comfortable. But if you are continuously having pain while having sex or even if it bleeds sometimes then you should contact a gynecologist. The following can be the reasons for having pain while having sex:

  1. Infection inside or outside the vagina.
  2. Soreness
  3. Extreme dryness.
  4. Reaction or itchiness due to the lubricant.

Lovemaking is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Don’t take stress for anything. Having pain is common and it may not even pain if you do the steps mentioned above.


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