10 Erogenous Zones In A Woman’s Body

Spicing up your sex session is only possible when you hit at the right erogenous zones. Clit, nipples, and lips are very common places which you would already know about. In a woman’s body, there are many sensitive points that you barely know about. Erogenous zones are those places in your body that are highly sensitive and can arouse you sexually even more. To heat up things during sex, you must know about some erogenous zones.

1. Neck: Neck is one of the most sensitive areas in your body. There are so many nerve endings that even a light touch is enough to arouse you sexually. This will drive your partner crazy and wild. You can kiss on the neck; move your fingers slowly, like you are giving a light massage. This will be quite an exciting session.

2. Mons pubis: Also known as pubic mound it is one of the most electrifying spots in your body. It connects directly to your genitals thus making your nerve endings sensitive. When you move your fingers slightly on the mons pubis pheromones are emitted by the glands. For an amazing lovemaking session start massaging on the mons pubis slowly. You can also kiss and suck gently for having some tingling sensations.

3. Inner thighs: Foreplay must be included before every sex session. Teasing, kissing, biting and massaging on your inner thighs would enhance your sexual stimulation. If you really want to have top-notch level sex, make use of ice cubes on your inner thighs, suggests experts.

4. Armpits: Hair, sweat, etc. is a taboo. However, armpits are surprisingly an erogenous zone. This is super sensitive and you also feel ticklish thus making it a point to turn you on. Explore: Brush your fingertips on your partner’s underarms. Then move them lightly upside down, in a circular motion and see to which motion your partner reacts. Then do that movement again and again. It is sexually thrilling, seductive and playful.

5. Ears: Known as the highly erotic, ears are very sensitive. This spot is the hottest but at the same time overlooked by many couples. The sensory receptors are massive in the ears thus making it the hottest spot in your body. You can make things intimate by biting the ears of your partner. Kick start by blowing some air into your partner’s ears. Lightly move your fingertips on the outline of your ears. Set off fireworks by nibbling. This is one of the most powerful moves and you will have the most amazing orgasm.

6. Stomach: Between the pelvis and belly button is the erogenous zone which is not known to many people. It is the spot that is just on the top of your G-spot. It is one of the major teasing places. Not only exciting but also extremely close to clitoris and vagina, giving you goosebumps. Even a light on that area can arouse your partner too much.

7. Knees and elbows: I don’t think anybody must have even imagined that knees and elbows can also be erogenous zones. You can lick around those areas which will give you nice sensations. These can be considered as sex organs. Massaging and sucking by using hands and tongue would be rewarding. Gently kiss on those parts, draw circles using the tip of your tongue for sensual seduction.

8. Bottom of the feet: Under the feet fingers are so many trigger points that arouse you sexually. You would not only feel ticklish but will have some good feeling. You must make tickling motions and steady strokes – a pleasurable massage.

9. Lips: It sounds very old fashioned but it is one of the oldest erogenous zones known to us. It is the hottest. It is the exposed, easy to get access to and has a bunch of nerve endings. Lip to lip connection is by far the best way to express your love and kick start your lovemaking session. The slight sensual touch on the lips keeps you being seductive. You feel happy and excited. It affects your hormones and other parts as well. You can caress your partner’s lips (bottom and top), nibble, and lick and can also make use of your teeth and tongue. While creating a seductive outline on your partner’s lips, and get your eyes locked at each other.

10. Butt: Not many people have a liking for butt, but on the contrary, there are some who have immense like for not only butt but even the anus. They like to tickle and finger around that part for some fun. There are some nerve endings around the anus which make it quite sensitive. If you are a man who likes butt, then it is one of the best erogenous zones you could ever know. Hit, kiss, lick, tickle and do all sorts of things on those butt cheeks to give your partner an amazing feeling. For some people licking is not just enough, they like light or deep penetration depending upon the liking of your partner. Some women may not like anal sex at all, so you should consider her feelings as well.

We have one extra erogenous zone for you as a bonus.

Forehead: Kissing on a woman’s forehead gives her a sense of security, love and emotional connection. If she is too tired or feeling stressed out then tickling on her forehead would be the best. It shows the most genuine love and concern for your partner. The thought that you love her is enough for arousing her.

Women are quite amazing. Every woman has got its own perception regarding sex and its related things. It is not only you who has to feel comfortable or good while having sex, but your partner should also be equally comfortable and easy-going. Please do not forget to include foreplay in your sex sessions. We have given you some amazing information about various erogenous zones that help you in bringing excitement while having sex with your partner. Enjoy and have an amazing sex session.


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